1. Advanced Kinematics:
    • Introduction to multi-link systems
    • Advanced concepts in robot movement
    • Practical exercises on dynamic modeling
  2. Control Systems Beyond Basics:
    • Nonlinear control concepts
    • Practical applications of adaptive control
    • Introduction to Model Predictive Control (MPC)
  3. Advanced Computer Vision for Robotics:
    • 3D vision basics
    • Object recognition techniques
    • Simple scene understanding
  4. Introduction to Machine Learning in Robotics:
    • Basics of reinforcement learning
    • Simple applications of deep learning in robotics
    • Overview of transfer learning
  5. Advanced Robot Programming Techniques:
    • Real-time programming considerations
    • Introduction to C++ and Python for robotics
    • Operating System considerations (RTOS)
  6. Simulation Tools for Robotics:
    • Practical use of simulation tools
    • Simulating complex robot behaviors
    • Hands-on exercises with sensor and actuator simulation
  7. Middleware for Robotics:
    • Introduction to middleware (e.g., ROS)
    • Basic features and functionalities
    • Simple development and integration exercises
  8. Industry 4.0 and Robotics:
    • Basic understanding of smart factories
    • Introduction to collaborative robots (cobots)
    • Overview of robotics in the Internet of Things (IoT)
  9. Introduction to Advanced Robotic Hardware:
    • Overview of high-performance actuators and sensors
    • Basic understanding of robotic construction materials
    • Simple integration exercises with custom hardware
  10. Human-Robot Interaction Basics:
    • Introduction to human-robot collaboration
    • Basic ethical considerations
    • Simple user interface design principles
  11. Introduction to Swarm Robotics:
    • Basics of swarm robotics
    • Understanding cooperative behavior in robot swarms
    • Simple applications and challenges
  12. Current Trends in Robotics:
    • Overview of recent developments
    • Introduction to research areas in robotics
    • Discussion on future prospects
  13. Hands-on Project:
    • Intermediate-level project applying advanced concepts
    • Integration of learned technologies
    • Project presentation and documentation